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Denys Arcand

Réjeanne Padovani

Edition 1974
96' - 1973 - Crime, Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Denys Arcand Composer: Walter Boudreau With: Jean Lajeunesse, Luce Guilbeault
Mob boss and highway developer Vincent Padovani is hosting a dinner party at his luxurious home celebrating the opening of the new Trans-Quebec highway he just finished work on. In attendance are the Quebec MP who awarded the contract, his secretary and legal adviser, an out-of-work hitman, and the mayor of Montreal. Two events occur that threaten to disturb the evening: first, they learn from a journalist of a planned protest of the highway by a group of people who had their houses demolished during the construction. Second is the return of Padovani's estranged wife, Rejeanne, who left him for a rival mob boss. She shows up unannounced and begging to see her children and Padovani is left no choice but to handle the situation.

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Cc2005d6 436d 485a a54d 24588f5b1619
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Denys Arcand


Walter Boudreau


Jean Lajeunesse, Luce Guilbeault


Denys Arcand, Jacques Benoit

Director of Photography

Alain Dostie


Denys Arcand, Marguerite Duparc


Marguerite Duparc

Production studios

Cinak Compagnie Cinématographique

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