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Pedro Almodóvar

¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto! (What Have I Done to Deserve This!?)

Edition 1985
101' - 1984 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: German, Spanish, French, English
Director: Pedro Almodóvar Composer: Bernardo Bonezzi With: Carmen Maura, Gonzalo Suárez, Luis Hostalot
In Madrid, the housewife Gloria lives in a tiny apartment with her husband, the taxi driver and forger Antonio; her lunatic mother-in-law, who is addicted in bottled water and cupcakes; and two teenage sons, one of them a drug dealer and the other gay. Gloria works as cleaning lady to raise some money for her dysfunctional family and is addicted in pills; her best friend is her neighbor, the call-girl Cristal. Antonio has a secret passion on a decadent German singer for whom he had worked as driver in Germany. A writer tries to convince Antonio to forge letters from Hitler and travels to Germany to meet the singer to invite her to participate in the scheme. Meanwhile Gloria delivers her gay son to a pervert dentist. Her mother-in-law finds a lizard while walking with her grandson on the street and they call it Dinero (Money) and bring it home. When Gloria has an argument with Antonio, she hits him on the head with a piece of wood, killing him. Now the police detectives investigate the murder case.

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Pedro Almodóvar


Bernardo Bonezzi


Carmen Maura, Gonzalo Suárez, Luis Hostalot


Pedro Almodóvar

Director of Photography

Ángel Luis Fernández


José Salcedo


Tadeo Villalba

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German, Spanish, French, English

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Pedro Almodóvar
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