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Michel Ocelot

quatre voeux du vilain et de sa femme, Les

Edition 1987
- 1987 - Short
Director: Michel Ocelot Composer: Christian Maire With: Michel Ocelot, Christian Maire

In 14th-century France, Vilain is a peasant who prays often and fervently to Saint Martin. Touched by this devotion, the Saint appears to the peasant and offers him four wishes. Villain tells his robust and disbelieving wife, who laughingly makes a wish for anatomical changes in her husband. Saint Martin complies, and Villain replies in kind with a wish of his own about his wife's body. They're now in a fix; the woman makes another wish, and the two are left with less than that with which they started. They do have a final, inevitable wish. His work done, Saint Martin sighs and departs for Heaven after a last word of advice.


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2cde63f2 638c 4c9a a797 b3438ed27302



Michel Ocelot


Christian Maire


Michel Ocelot, Christian Maire


Michel Ocelot

Director of Photography

Michel Ocelot


Michel Ocelot

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