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Raymond Rajaonarivelo

Quand les etoiles rencontrent la mer (When the stars meet the sea)

Edition 1996
86' - 1996 - Drama - Dialogue: Malagasy, French
Director: Raymond Rajaonarivelo With: Jean Rabenjamina, Joseph Rainizatilehy, Aimée Razatindrataranoa
The story opens with a newborn infant put in a cattle pen to be trampled to death - the traditional way that superstitious villagers get rid of a child born during a solar eclipse, because it is believed to have supernatural powers of destruction. The baby is rescued by a brave girl, Raivo, who relocates to another village and raises him as her own child. As the boy grows up, he is called Kapila (cripple) because of leg injury sustained in the cattle pen, of which he has only got a vague memory. The boy's only friend is a homeless 7-year-old street urchin who steals from the market until he is beaten to death. Kapila's anger brings down a thunderbolt from the sky to avenge his friend, which reveals him his destructive powers...

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Af960272 9acb 4a39 bf40 17163f05b555
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Raymond Rajaonarivelo


Jean Rabenjamina, Joseph Rainizatilehy, Aimée Razatindrataranoa


Raymond Rajaonarivelo, Santiago Amigorena

Director of Photography

Bruno Privat


Nathalie Hubert


Jacques Le Glou

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Malagasy, French

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