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Robert Lee King

Psycho Beach Party

Director Robert Lee King Composer Ben Vaughn Cast Lauren Ambrose, Nicholas Brendon, Thomas Gibson
Edition 2000
95' - 2000 - Mystery, Comedy, Horror - Dialogue: English
Robert Lee King directs this wacky, campy fusion of teenaged surfer flicks and slasher sagas. Impossibly perky Florence doesn't quite fit in at her thoroughly square high school in her seaside Southern California town - that is, until she happens upon a band of ultra-hip surfer dudes. Renaming herself ‘Chicklet’, she tries her gosh-darnedest to be the sole girl riding the waves with the group led by suave Kanaka. While adopting her surfer alter ego, Florence soon discovers that other less pleasant personalities emerge when confronted with the sight of polka dots. One called Anne Bowman is a tough, ‘experienced’ older lady, while the other, Tylene, is a stereotypical sassy black woman. Blacking out whenever these other personalities take over, Florence becomes increasingly worried that she is responsible for a series of grizzly murders. Of course, she is far from the only suspicious character in her oceanside community - there's B-movie star Bettina Barnes, Swedish exchange student Lars, and Florence's own unnervingly-perfect mom. (Jonathan Crow)

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Robert Lee King


Ben Vaughn


Lauren Ambrose, Nicholas Brendon, Thomas Gibson


Charles Busch

Director of Photography

Arturo Smith


Suzanne Hines


Virginia Biddle, Jon Gerrans, Victor Syrmis, Marcus Hu

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Screenplay based on

"Psycho Beach Party" (Charles Busch)