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Rachid Bouchareb

Poussières de vie (Dust of Life)

87' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Vietnamese, French
Director: Rachid Bouchareb Composer: Safy Boutella With: Daniel Guyant, Gilles Chitlaphone, Jehan Pagès
1975: The Communist Army defeats the South Vietnamese Forces, Saigon falls while US troops leave hurriedly. Many of these American soldiers leave a woman and children behind. Son is one of these Amerasians. Two months after the fall of Saigon, the new government launches a large "reeducation program" for the children roaming the streets of the city. They will be placed in "work camps". Taken away by the Bo-doï, Son and other children are being crammed into trucks, then hauled across the country to the Northern High Plains, in search of a camp. Once at the camp, the kids are forced to work at clearing the land. They are submitted to revolutionary order and ethics.

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Rachid Bouchareb


Safy Boutella


Daniel Guyant, Gilles Chitlaphone, Jehan Pagès


Rachid Bouchareb, Bernard Gesbert

Director of Photography

Youcef Sahraoui


Hélène Ducret


Jean Bréhat

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Vietnamese, French

Countries of production

Hong Kong, Belgium, Algeria, Germany, France

Screenplay based on

"La Colline de Fanta" (Duyen Anh)



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