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Nicole Le Garrec

Plogoff: Des pierres contre des fusils

Edition 1981
112' - 1980 - Documentary - Dialogue: French
Director: Nicole Le Garrec Composer: Guy de Lignières With: Nicole Le Garrec, Daniel Yonnet
In the 1970s, France is developing a civil nuclear program, building power plants throughout the country without any consideration for the opinion of the local populations. In 1978, the small town of Plogoff, near the cape of Pointe du Raz, in Brittany, is being considered as a likely site for building another nuclear plant. The population decides to stop the implantation and to resisted the authorities at all costs, blocking all roads to the peninsula, demonstrating against hundreds of policemen. The French state decides to send para troops against the rebellious villagers. The film shows how women took the head of the mobilization, harassing the mobile guards every day, at tea time.Nicole and Felix Le Garrec, a couple of movie professionals from the local area, decided to film the events, at first, just as a testimony, because the television didn't talk of this mobilization. As the demonstrations grow bigger and tougher everyday, they decided to make a full-length movie about those events. As they didn't have the budget for the negative and to pay the lavatory, they had to convict a bank to lend them the money and mortgaged their house. Nicole and Felix Le Garrec stayed in Plogoff for several weeks, living at inhabitant's and sharing their day to day mobilization.The struggle of this village, initiated and headed from beginning to end by the inhabitants has become historic. It is this very strong local roots that gives its unique character to the events of Plogoff, and therefore to this film.

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Nicole Le Garrec


Guy de Lignières


Nicole Le Garrec, Daniel Yonnet

Director of Photography

Félix Le Garrec


Nelly Quettier, Claire Simon

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