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Edoardo Winspeare


Edition 1997
93' - 1996 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Edoardo Winspeare With: Cosimo Cinieri, Chiara Torelli, Fabio Frascaro, Anna Dimitri
An American fighter plane is shot down over the Gulf of Salento. The only survivor is the Italian-American bomber pilot Toni Marciano, a descendent of émigrés from Apulia. He is discovered by a farmer and his three daughters who decide to hide him. Cosima, the youngest daughter, tells Toni about life in Apulia and explains the customs of the people who live there. Toni begins to fall in love with both the country and its inhabitants - and with Cosima. When they dance the romantic Apulian dance Pizzicato together, their love for each other finds expression. But Cosima also has another admirer, Pasquale. The two jealous rivals confront each other in a danced duel, the Scerma...

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Edoardo Winspeare


Cosimo Cinieri, Chiara Torelli, Fabio Frascaro, Anna Dimitri


Edoardo Winspeare

Director of Photography

Paolo Carnera


Carlotta Cristiani


Dieter Horres, Edoardo Winspeare

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Countries of production

Italy, Germany



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