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Hendrik Handloegten, Wolfgang Becker

Paul Is Dead

Edition 2000
75' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Hendrik Handloegten, Wolfgang Becker Composer: Bertram Denzel, Bernd Jestram With: Sebastian Urzendowsky, Martin Reinhold, Vasko Scholz
It’s 1980 in a small town somewhere in West Germany. Summer vacation has just started and the days seem long for Tobias (12), a raving Beatles-fan. One fine day a mysterious man appears in town, driving a white VW Beetle, apparently English, with steering wheel on the right-hand side. Tobias is convinced that he has seen the licence plate on the car before. Going through his LP’s, he finds his suspicions confirmed: It is the beetle shown on the ‘Abbey Road’ cover. His detective instincts aroused, he discovers a strange story which happened in 1966: Paul McCartney died under mysterious circumstances and was replaced with a double by his manager, Brian Epstein. All the elements seem to match and Tobias starts to investigate the case, believing he is confronted with Paul McCartney’s killer...

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Hendrik Handloegten, Wolfgang Becker


Bertram Denzel, Bernd Jestram


Sebastian Urzendowsky, Martin Reinhold, Vasko Scholz


Hendrik Handloegten

Director of Photography

Florian Hoffmeister


Monika Kappl-Smith


Stefan Arndt, Maria Köpf

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