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Luc Moullet

Parpaillon (Up and Down)

Edition 1994
84' - 1993 - Comedy, Sport - Dialogue: French, English, Japanese
Director: Luc Moullet With: Jean Abeillé, Clément Boutterin, Brigitte Canaan
Once a year, a group of cyclists from all kinds of backgrounds, participate in the ascent up mount Parpaillon (2,632 metres). Some of them already know each other, others are just about to meet. Some of them are taking part in the race just to see it (like the television crew), while others are doing it to be seen, like the Member of Parliament, and the anchorman. Some of them cheat, while others fall in love, sit down to eat oysters, discuss the financial market, etc... As well as a comedy, this is an original social satire.

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B83c3f3d 9aa7 4ea4 b036 e1f0113bf26c



Luc Moullet


Jean Abeillé, Clément Boutterin, Brigitte Canaan


Luc Moullet

Director of Photography

Jean-Jacques Flori


Cécile Decugis

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French, English, Japanese

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