09 20 Oct '24
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Ruben Gevorkyants, Krikor Hamel

Parajanov. Verjin kolazh (Paradjanov: dernier collage)

70' - 1995 - Documentary - Dialogue: Armenian, French
Director: Ruben Gevorkyants, Krikor Hamel Composer: Tigrane Mansourian With: Benoît Allemane, Pierre Berger, Jean-Luc Godard
This film is the first co-production of French and Armenian cinematographers. In this film Paradjanov unveils the multiple scenes of his films and their fragments. He recollects his past life, his childhood, in combination with his dreams and nightmares. Love, death, prison (in 1974 Paradjanov was sentenced for his dissident speeches. A wave of international protest led to his release in 1978), friends, Tiflis, Kiev and Erevan - seven stories by Paradjanov, who is surrounded by his friends - the ones who shared his long and difficult path...

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Ruben Gevorkyants, Krikor Hamel


Tigrane Mansourian


Benoît Allemane, Pierre Berger, Jean-Luc Godard


Ruben Gevorkyants, Garegin Zakoian, Krikor Hamel

Director of Photography

Rudolphe Vatinian, Thierry Tronchet


Ruben Gevorkyants


Krikor Hamel, Ani Hamel

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Armenian, French

Countries of production

Armenia, France



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