09 20 Oct '24
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Ron Holloway

Paradjanov: A Requiem

59' - 1994 - Documentary - Dialogue: Russian, English
Director: Ron Holloway Composer: Urmuli Folklore With: Sergei Parajanov
Sergei Parajanov, who died in 1990, is arguably the only Soviet film director working during the stagnant decades before perestroika, who, for a time, reignited the Soviet cinema. With such films as his amazing "Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors," he singlehandedly advanced the torch of artistic originality, lyricism and experimentalism once attributed to his film institute teacher, Alexander Dovzhenko. A rogue Armenian come who blazed into Moscow from his birthplace Tblisi, Georgia, Parajanov was a "problem" for the Soviets from the start. They censored, slandered and jailed him for five years at hard labor for "deviationism."

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Ron Holloway


Urmuli Folklore


Sergei Parajanov

Director of Photography

Thomas Schwan


Monika Schindler, Walter Vögele


Dorothea Moritz, Frank Löprich, Katrin Schlösser

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Russian, English

Countries of production

Russia, United States of America, Germany



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