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Aleksei Simonov

Otryad (The Unit)

Edition 1987
97' - 1984 - War, Drama - Dialogue: Russian, Lithuanian
Director: Aleksei Simonov Composer: Vladimir Kamolikov With: Aleksandr Feklistov, Sergey Garmash, Dmitriy Brusnikin
Excellent objective movie about the fight among bolsheviks and bandits after Revolution. It stands out among many others that followed the beaten path of movies about idealized bolshevik heroes and demonized White Guards or other bandits, which, of course, terrorized the country, but had many other faces than usually shown in Soviet cinema.And the best part of this movie is a soundtrack - Russian folk song 'Oi, to ne vecher, to ne vecher' performed by a choir. It's impossible to find a better fit for this movie.The play by Sergey Garmash is excellent despite the fact that it was his first movie ever.One other thing to note - the beautiful Russian nature shown in multiple episodes really sets the scene.

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Aleksei Simonov


Vladimir Kamolikov


Aleksandr Feklistov, Sergey Garmash, Dmitriy Brusnikin


Evgeniy Grigorev

Director of Photography

Jonas Gricius


Mingaile Murmulaitiene

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Russian, Lithuanian

Countries of production

Union soviétique



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