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Torun Lian

Only Clouds Move the Stars (Bare skuer beveger stjernene)

98' - 1998 - Drama, Family - Dialogue: Norwegian
Director: Torun Lian Composer: Jørn Christensen With: Thea Sofie Rusten, Jan Tore Kristoffersen, Anneka von der Lippe
Well-known Norwegian author Torun Lian adapted her award-winning novella for the screen in ‘Bare Skyer Beveger Stjernene’, a children's story about eleven-year-old Maria, who has lost her little brother to cancer. Maria's mother has totally withdrawn in grief and her father is struggling to keep the family together. Maria meets Jacob, who is the same age but has a different character. He is an outgoing and funny boy with wisdom beyond his years. He pulls Maria out of her shell and helps her make a decision which will affect her entire life. ‘Bare Skyer Beveger Stjernene’, which shares the sensibilities of the Swedish hit ‘My Life as a Dog’, tackles a serious subject with humor and wisdom, and the emotional ingredients will appeal to all ages. (Gönül Dönmez-Colin)

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Torun Lian


Jørn Christensen


Thea Sofie Rusten, Jan Tore Kristoffersen, Anneka von der Lippe


Torun Lian

Director of Photography

Svein Krøvel


Trygve Hagen


John M. Jacobsen

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