08 19 Oct '24
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Lilian Sijbesma

Onder de blote hemel (10+) (Under the Naked Sky)

Edition 2023
90' - 2023 - Drama, Family - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Lilian Sijbesma Composer: Arjan de Wit With: Ylse Ringeling, Johan Leysen, Rifka Lodeizen
The campsite where she lives is starting to feel too small for Evie. Under the Naked Sky tells the fragile story of how the 10-year-old girl has to learn to cope with her mother, new visitors and all the changes in and around her.
On a Dutch campsite in the middle of the forest, ten-year-old Elvie lives with her mother. Elvie looks after the animals around them and helps her grandfather (the last role of Belgian actor Johan Leysen) run the camping. Her mother is different from most other mothers, which causes frustrations and difficulties between the two. The curious Elvie begins to see the world and people in a way that her mother does not understand. Every day she grows a little taller and a little lonelier. At night, Elvie seeks peace under the naked sky. This is the first feature-length film directed by Lilian Sijbesma. She collaborated on the award-winning children's series Dropje and Kabam! Sijbesma also won an award with Under the Naked Sky, namely the Visser-Neerlandia Award for the best original screenplay in the Netherlands and Flanders when filming had yet to begin.
When a ten-year-old starts to outgrow her intellectually disabled mother, their lives slowly derail. A deeply emotional story of trust, love, frustration and loneliness. Writer-director Lilian Sijbesma won the Visser-Neerlandia award for best script in development in the Netherlands and Flanders.

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Lilian Sijbesma


Arjan de Wit


Ylse Ringeling, Johan Leysen, Rifka Lodeizen


Lilian Sijbesma

Director of Photography

Christian Paulussen


Tessel Flora de Vries


Germen Boelens, Kirsi Saivosalmi, Raymond van der Kaaij


Ellen De Waele

Production studios

Revolver Amsterdam, Serendipity Films


Gusto Entertainment

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Countries of production

Belgium, The Netherlands




Lilian Sijbesma
Krijgers van de Nieuwe Wereld (short, 2010), Marijn (short, 2010), Melkweg 51 (short, 2013), Binnen Vier muren (short, 2014), Onder de blote hemel (2023)

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