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Sophie Deflandre

Nuits blanches

Edition 1996
86' - 1997 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: French
Director: Sophie Deflandre With: Alexandre Arbatt, Lola Gans, Marthe Keller
Thomas is a famous writer but when the woman he loves dies in an accident he breaks down. Marie, a 20-year-old impulsive girl, is a serious student who lives with Johann. They have been together since college. Thomas and Marie meet at a party and Thomas leaves her a message for an appointment. Marie, who is wondering about her studies and her relation with Johann, decides to live the adventure. Thomas brings her to the home where he used to live with the woman he loved. He behaves strangely and Marie tries to understand him, but she soon realizes that through her, Thomas tries to get rid of another love story. Johann, who sincerely loves Marie, is ready to do anything to bring her back as he feels she is in danger...

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23a7e917 a2bf 46eb 978a 6a76b6531db2



Sophie Deflandre


Alexandre Arbatt, Lola Gans, Marthe Keller


Sophie Deflandre, Laurence Nerval-Kilberg

Director of Photography

Hélène Louvart


Bernie Serot


Nicolas Barthe

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