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Jean Stewart

Nervous energy

Edition 1996
104' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Jean Stewart Composer: Stephen Warbeck With: Alfred Molina, Cal Macaninch, John McGlynn, Siobhan Redmond
Tom is a young man from Glasgow living in London who has AIDS. His naturally rather volatile temperament is exacerbated by manic attacks caused by the disease. The person most affected by his condition is his partner, Ira, an American radio journalist. Well aware that his time is running out Tom is seized with the idea that he should go back to his home town and, in spite of the fact that his parents have long since rejected him, he is determined to give it one more try. He also wants to say goodbye to his old friends and acquaintances. Nothing can stop Tom from leaving and Ira, full of foreboding, remains in London.

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Jean Stewart


Stephen Warbeck


Alfred Molina, Cal Macaninch, John McGlynn, Siobhan Redmond


Howard Schuman

Director of Photography

Nicholas D. Knowland


Ardan Fisher


Ann Scott

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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