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Danniel Danniel


Edition 1995
75' - 1995 - Documentary - Dialogue: Hungarian, Dutch, French, Romanian
Director: Danniel Danniel Composer: Michel Mulders With: Juan Carlos Tajes, Roef Ragas, Meral Taygun, Thom Hoffman, Anne Cavadino
Danniel Danniel's latest film is a complex composition structu­red through four levels of narration: it is a film on the making of a documentary film about the films of a Hungarian refugee, who fled to the Netherlands after the 1956 uprising in Budapest The maker of the documentary, a young Dutch film­maker, is intrigued by the autobio­graphical backgrounds of Mykosch' films and he inquires about his life. Mykosch replies with elaborate comments on truth and fiction in films, on the filmmaker', godly omnipotence over the characters of his films and the importance of coincidence in life and filmmaking. Through sequences from the films made by Mykosch (and from the one he is making), and though flashbacks from Mykosch' actual life, we are gradually revealed how his life has taken shape in his films.

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19218e9f 1851 4bfc ae09 d8e04d35311b



Danniel Danniel


Michel Mulders


Juan Carlos Tajes, Roef Ragas, Meral Taygun, Thom Hoffman, Anne Cavadino


Danniel Danniel

Director of Photography

Maarten Kramer


Jessica De Koning


Els Vandevorst

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Hungarian, Dutch, French, Romanian

Countries of production

The Netherlands



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