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Paul Sarossy

Mr In-Between

Edition 2001
98' - 2001 - Crime, Horror, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Paul Sarossy Composer: Jennie Muskett With: Andrew Howard, Geraldine O'Rawe, Andrew Tiernan, David Calder, Mark Benton
Jon Bennet is an ideal employee: neat, efficient and conscientious. Nobody would guess that this self-conscious introvert tortures and kills to earn his living. Jon works for the Tattooed Man, an awesome figure whose taste for cruelty is only outweighed by his erudite learning and penchant for philosophy. He feeds, clothes and educates his protégé, asking for nothing in return but unquestioning loyalty. By chance Jon encounters Andy and Cathy – old friends from school, now married with a child – and the cosy normality of their lives awakens him to the unsatisfactory nature of the twilight world he inhabits. As Jon finds himself drawn towards Cathy in a way he has never experienced before, he begins to question everything he has become. Torn between Cathy and the Tattooed Man, he becomes Mr In-Between. Unique and uncompromising, this chilling love story is gripping from the start to its shocking and haunting conclusion. (press kit)

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Paul Sarossy


Jennie Muskett


Andrew Howard, Geraldine O'Rawe, Andrew Tiernan, David Calder, Mark Benton


Peter Waddington

Director of Photography

Haris Zambarloukos


Eddie Hamilton


Andreas Bajohra, Yvonne Michael, Bob Portal, Michael L. Cowan, Jason Piette

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Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

Mr. In-Between (Neil Cross)



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