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Jacques Tati

Mon oncle

Edition 2023
116' - 1958 - Comedy - Dialogue: French
Director: Jacques Tati Composer: Franck Barcellini, Alain Romans, Norbert Glanzberg With: Jacques Tati, Jean-Pierre Zola, Adrienne Servantie, Lucien Fregis
Through the endearing character Monsieur Hulot, portrayed by Tati himself, Mon Oncle presents a charming and satirical commentary on society. With its inventive visual gags and unique brand of silent comedy, the movie continues to captivate audiences as a timeless cinematic gem.
Mon oncle is the odd duck in this retrospective programme: the film dates from 1958, 16 years before FFG launched. We show it as a reminder of the most popular exhibition organised by the festival, dedicated to the playful genius of comedian and filmmaker Jacques Tati. On the face of it, Mon oncle is a somewhat reactionary satire on the hygienic perfection and sterility of modern architecture, symbolised by an ultra-modern white villa equipped with the latest gadgets with which the old-fashioned Monsieur Hulot hopelessly struggles. However, this caricatural gem of pragmatic architecture is portrayed by Jacques Tati with such love, endearing mockery, visual precision and technological sophistication that this intelligent comedy seems to have the opposite effect more than half a century later: now it looks like an ode to modernism.
"Tati’s work is all about gears - how they turn, how they interlock. At once a minimalist and a ringmaster of spectacle, he constructs elaborate visual contraptions - successions of gags, linked by theme rather than story - which illustrate the mechanisms behind our modern world." - Current

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Jacques Tati


Franck Barcellini, Alain Romans, Norbert Glanzberg


Jacques Tati, Jean-Pierre Zola, Adrienne Servantie, Lucien Fregis


Jacques Lagrange, Jean L'Hôte, Jacques Tati

Director of Photography

Jean Bourgoin


Suzanne Baron


Jacques Tati

Production studios

Specta Films


Lumiere Publishing NV

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Countries of production

Italy, France




Jacques Tati

On demande une brute (1934, short), Gai dimanche (1935, short), Soigne ton gauche (1936, short), School for Postmen (1946, short), Jour de fête (1949), Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (1953), Mon oncle (1958), Playtime (1967), Cours du soir (1967, short), Trafic (1971), Parade (1974),Dégustation maison (1976, short),Forza bastia (1978, short)

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