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Barry Primus


Edition 1992
110' - 1992 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Czech, English
Director: Barry Primus Composer: Galt MacDermot With: Robert Wuhl, Martin Landau, Vasek Simek
Robert Wuhl in the central role of a ,.,'Q­ish washed-up director who showed early promise years before the suicîde of an actor on his set ended his career. ( ... ) An ex-Universal exec
(Landau) desperate to get an indie feature up and running discovers an old script penned by the has-been helmer and, despite the tact that it deals wî:'.1 an artist who suicides, claims to see potential in it. ( ... ) At first Wuhl is adamant that one word of his script will be changed, but gradually he starts :o compromise. Trouble is, every money man Landau brings onto the project wants a role tor his latest mistress ...
(Variety, 11-5-1992)

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Barry Primus


Galt MacDermot


Robert Wuhl, Martin Landau, Vasek Simek


Barry Primus

Director of Photography

Sven Kirsten


Steven Weisberg

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Czech, English

Countries of production

United States of America



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