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James Fotopoulos

Migrating Forms

80' - 1999 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: James Fotopoulos Composer: Tom Nicholl With: Preston Baty, Rebecca Lewis, Kiele Sanchez, Edward Flynn
A man and a woman embark on a sexual journey to detach mind from body. The relationship slowly grows into one of emotional domination, physical disease, abandonment and the creation of personal pornography. The film takes place almost entirely within the confines of a dingy apartment inhabited by a lonely young man. His isolation is broken by a purely carnal affair with a ragged blonde with a tail-like tumor on her back, a venereal infection that she transmits to her inexpressive lover. An obsessive and disquieting drone-poem of sexual discomfort, this is the ultimate “morning after” movie, and with its narcotic mood and anamorphically distorted images of intertwined bodies it vaguely resembles a 1960s sexploitation movie as interpreted by Alexander Sokurov. (Filmmaker, Spring 2001)

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James Fotopoulos


Tom Nicholl


Preston Baty, Rebecca Lewis, Kiele Sanchez, Edward Flynn


James Fotopoulos

Director of Photography

John Wagner


James Fotopoulos


James Fotopoulos

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United States of America



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