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Peter Timar

Mielött befejezi roptet a denever (Before the bat's flight is done)

Edition 1989
94' - 1988
Director: Peter Timar Composer: Zoltán Farkas With: Gabor Mate, Robert Csontos, Erika Bodnar
The starting point of this creepy story is what appears in our minds as a cliché of the 'broken family', an unbearable burden for both the adolescent boy and his mother who brings him up by herself. The mother meets the great love of her life, her last chance to escape loneliness and aging, a man 10 years younger than herself who comes into the family as a would-be husband and father, and who for a while wants to live up to the expectations of him. He makes the mother happy and makes friends with the boy who is full of inhibitions and longs for his real father. However the idyll will soon pass. The man falls in love with the boy and the woman, in order to keep him, offers him her son. The boy, realising what part his mother wants him to play, decides to kill the man...

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Peter Timar


Zoltán Farkas


Gabor Mate, Robert Csontos, Erika Bodnar


Peter Timar

Director of Photography

Sándor Kardos


Peter Timar

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