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David Benchetrit

Through the Veil of Exile (Mibe'ad L'Realat Hagalut)

Edition 1995
86' - 1992 - Documentary - Dialogue: Arabic, Hebrew
Director: David Benchetrit Composer: Elias Taissir
This documentary examines the lives of three very different women living in refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza. Dalal Abu-Kamar, a former political activist who spent 12 years in prison, lives with a family who daily berate her as an "old maid." Per her mother, she should marry a wealthy Saudi to lift the family out of poverty. Mary Khass, a 60-year-old Christian and former member of the Communist party, works to establish dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and is refugee by choice. Finally there is Um-Muhammed, a strikingly independent, illiterate widow who married an older man at age 13 and now supports herself by working for wealthy Palestinians.

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David Benchetrit


Elias Taissir


David Benchetrit, Senyora Bar David

Director of Photography

David Benchetrit


Sini Bar-David


David Benchetrit, Sini Bar-David

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Arabic, Hebrew

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