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Yusup Razykov

Men's dance (Dilhiroj)

Director Yusup Razykov Composer Djamshid Izamov Cast Aliser Chamraev, Zakir Mukhamedzhanov, Sevinc Muminova
Edition 2003
77' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: Uzbek
Sanam's grandmother predicts that little Toshtemir is going to become Sanam's husband one day. Sanam reacts with horror, but years later she 'assists' Toshtemir with his circumcision. Now the villagers don't doubt that the two are made for each other. But when they have reached the marriageable age, Toshtemir cannot bring himself to propose officially, believing a man has to 'conquer' his future wife. Outraged at Toshtemir's hesitation, Sanam announces that she is going to marry the man who wins the forthcoming wrestlingtournament. Toshtemir knows his chance has come and beats a much stronger man. Nothing stands in the way of the marriage now. But other problems arise: mother and aunts wonder how they could keep Toshtemir from pre-marital visits to Sanam. Grandmother shakes her head about concerns like these - who has even stayed chaste until the wedding night? But then Toshtemir is drafted shortly before the wedding. In addition, Sanam finds out that she is pregnant. How is she going to explain this to her relatives?

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Yusup Razykov


Djamshid Izamov


Aliser Chamraev, Zakir Mukhamedzhanov, Sevinc Muminova


Yusup Razykov, Erkin Agzam

Director of Photography

Rhostam Fayziyev


Olga Morova


Murad Muhammad Dost

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