09 20 Oct '24
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Vibe Stalpaert

Melantroop (Melantrope)

20' - 2023 - Drama, Short - Dialogue: Dutch, French
Director: Vibe Stalpaert With: Eliza Stuyck, Mira Helmer
This short film is part of the Competition for Belgian Student Shorts.
In Melantrope, we follow the daily trajectory in the city of the restless Marta. Due to stress and social pressure, this young lab assistant struggles with sleep problems and accompanying hallucinations. After a conversation with her doctor, the symptoms turn out to be deeper rooted than she thought. The viewer becomes part of Marta's wanderings, which increasingly resemble a fever dream and culminate when the inner and deepest instincts come to the surface.

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Vibe Stalpaert


Eliza Stuyck, Mira Helmer


Vibe Stalpaert

Director of Photography

Matthee van Holderbeke


Vibe Stalpaert

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Dutch, French

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Vibe Stalpaert
Melantroop (short, 2023)

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