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Abel Gance

Mater dolorosa

80' - 1917 - Drama
Director: Abel Gance With: Emmy Lynn, Armand Tallier, Anthony Gildès
Dr. Berliac neglects his wife Marthe, who falls in love with the doctor's brother and has a child by him. The affair ends with her attempted suicide. In trying to stop her, the lover accidentally kills himself, but before dying he makes her swear she will never reveal their affair and writes a suicide note. The doctor is suspicious and takes teh child away from her. She becomes frantic when the child falls ill and eventually tells the doctor the whole story. He is so moved by her despair that he reunites her with the child. This film was Abel Gance's first major commercial success not only in France but also especially in the USA. He made a remake in 1932.

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B4c5cf81 14e3 40ee b454 15b5c4ee9525



Abel Gance


Emmy Lynn, Armand Tallier, Anthony Gildès


Abel Gance

Director of Photography

Léonce-Henri Burel


Louis Nalpas

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