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Wiebke von Carolsfeld

Marion Bridge

Edition 2003
90' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Wiebke von Carolsfeld Composer: Lesley Barber With: Molly Parker, Rebecca Jenkins, Stacy Smith, Ellen Page
Agnes, the youngest of three sisters, returns to her parental home in Sydney, Nova Scotia after a destructive period in her life. Her mother Rose is severely ill, and Agnes wants to settle some painful matters from her past. Her eldest sister Theresa, a pious, bigoted Catholic, has recently been abandoned by her husband for a younger woman; and Louise, the middle child, has shut herself off in her own world in which no emotions exist. Agnes' return home awakens all sorts of forgotten demons from the past. Why does she travel to a nearby village to see Joanie? What attracts her to the young girl? Their mother's health deteriorates and the sisters realise that the period of their common existence is fast coming to an end. But there are so many things that remain unanswered... In the minute gestures that belong with apparently suppressed memories and in the mechanisms of forgiving and understanding within families, Von Carolsfeld displays a great insight into human capacities and weaknesses.

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Wiebke von Carolsfeld


Lesley Barber


Molly Parker, Rebecca Jenkins, Stacy Smith, Ellen Page

Director of Photography

Stefan Ivanov


Jennifer Kawaja, Brent Barclay, Julia Sereny

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

theaterstuk Daniel Macivor



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