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Cãlin Peter Netzer


Director Cãlin Peter Netzer Composer Alexandru Zidaru Cast Diana Dumbrava, Serban Ionescu, Horatiu Malaele
Edition 2003
97' - 2000 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Russian, French, English, Romanian
A young mother of seven, Maria survives, as best as she can, in the insalubrious basement of a decrepit apartment block. Her husband, who has just lost his job, squanders the family's meagre resources at the bar. When he flees the family home, she sees no other solution than prostitution to provide for herself and her children. Caught in the act in a motorway lay-by, she agrees to sell her story to a local TV channel, which results in the offer of a lifeline. Alarmed, the town mayor decides to offer her a decent flat and a job, but the driver who is supposed to take her to her new life can only see in her the prostitute she has been forced to become. This leads to unforeseen consequences... The Romania depicted by Netzer is a society of doubt, disillusioned, vegetating, caught between the blackness of the abolished totalitarian regime and the dazzling fantasies of the liberalism to come. A twilight world.

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Cãlin Peter Netzer


Alexandru Zidaru


Diana Dumbrava, Serban Ionescu, Horatiu Malaele


Cãlin Peter Netzer, Gordan Mimic

Director of Photography

Mihail Sarbusca


Melania Oproiu


Cornelia Palos

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Russian, French, English, Romanian

Countries of production

Romania, Germany, France