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Branko Gapo

Makedonska saga (Macedonian saga)

Edition 1995
111' - 1993 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian
Director: Branko Gapo Composer: Ljupcho Konstantinov With: Kiril Pop Hristov, Biljana Taneska, Meto Jovanovski
In the picturesque Macedonian Muslim village of Velekorab, a new school.master arrives. Damian happens to be Christian and he falls in love with the village beauty, Dzemile, who is already engaged to someone else. Differences of religion, custom and tradition, which have evolved over the centuries, combine to pose a formidable obstacle to their love. This is a drama that has been played out in countries around the world, a drama immortalized by Shakespeare in “Romeo and Juliet". This film offers interesting variations on the age-old theme.

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Branko Gapo


Ljupcho Konstantinov


Kiril Pop Hristov, Biljana Taneska, Meto Jovanovski


Simon Drakul

Director of Photography

Vladimir Samoilovski


Dimitar Grbevski

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Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian

Countries of production

North Macedonia



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