09 20 Oct '24
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Peter Delpeut

Lyrisch nitraat

50' - 1991 - Documentary - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Peter Delpeut With: Lyda Borelli, Henny Porten, Anni Timm
This film is a compliatoin of film fragments dating from the years 1905-1915. The images are shown in the original rich colors in which they were exhibited in the early days of cinema. And, as if like then the projector is run by hand, the speed of the film is subtly manipulated according to the mood of the images. Of course, all these films are originally mute. On the soundtrack of "Lyrical Nitrate" music sounds, for the most part old recordings. The film wants to evoke a film history, but an emotional rather than a didactical one. The spectator may be astounded by these images from a period usually associated with slapstick and honkytonk.

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Peter Delpeut


Lyda Borelli, Henny Porten, Anni Timm


Peter Delpeut


Menno Boerema


Floor Kooij, Suzanne Van Voorst

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The Netherlands



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