09 20 Oct '24
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Stephen Hopkins

Lost in Space

130' - 1998 - Action, Family, Adventure - Dialogue: English
Director: Stephen Hopkins Composer: Bruce Broughton With: Gary Oldman, William Hurt, Matt LeBlanc
Earth, 2058. The planet is dying due to environmental breakdown. Plans have been made to colonise the nearby planet Alpha Prime. Dr John Robinson has designed a pair of hypergates - one for earth, one for Alpha Prime - which will enable vehicles to travel between the two instantaneously. But first Robinson and his family must go via conventional space travel (a ten-year trip) aboard the Jupiter 2 to Alpha. War hero Major Don West is conscripted to pilot the mission. However, Dr Zachary Smith, a terrorist spy, attempts sabotage, resulting in the ship being lost in space with Smith aboard. The Jupiter crew find an earth spaceship from the future sent to look for them, but its crew has been wiped out by alien space spiders

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Stephen Hopkins


Bruce Broughton


Gary Oldman, William Hurt, Matt LeBlanc

Director of Photography

Peter Levy


Ray Lovejoy


Mark W. Koch, Stephen Hopkins, Akiva Goldsman, Carla Frey

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Countries of production

United States of America, United Kingdom



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