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Theo van Gogh

Loos (No potatoes)

Edition 1989
90' - 1989 - Crime, Mystery, Thriller - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Theo van Gogh Composer: Rainer Hensel With: Tom Jansen, Renée Fokker, Marie Kooyman, Leen Jongewaard, Max Pam, Cas Enklaar
The reality of 'No Potatoes' is the reality of Theo van Gogh. Theo van Gogh's reality is the shifted reality of everyday. In the world of van Gogh, a brilliant lawyer hates his clients, and a sweet little girl calls her daddy an asshole. In Van Gogh's eyes, judges can be semi-demented caricatures who spit excessively when they speak and who fold the records into paper planes. A receptionist of a fancy hotel might just as well be a smelly type with greasy hair. Yet, van Gogh's reality cannot be considered a joke. On the contrary, using seemingly odd contrasts, he does indeed create an image of the world that suggests a high degree of authenticity. The sometimes whimsical and unaccountable behaviour of van Gogh's characters lends them background, depth, humanity. (pressbook)

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Theo van Gogh


Rainer Hensel


Tom Jansen, Renée Fokker, Marie Kooyman, Leen Jongewaard, Max Pam, Cas Enklaar


Theo van Gogh, Guus Luijters

Director of Photography

Tom Erisman


Willem Hoogenboom

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

Wachten op de Maan, boek van Guus Luijters



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