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John Sayles

Lone star

135' - 1996 - Western, Mystery, Drama - Dialogue: Spanish, English
Director: John Sayles Composer: Mason Daring With: Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Peña, Stephen Mendillo
A pair of off-duty army sergeants are hunting for rifle slugs on an abandoned military target range in the south Texas desert. They find something unexpected - a Masonic ring, a tarnished sheriff's badge and a human skull. The sheriff of the nearby border town of Frontera, Sam Deeds, begins to investigate. His first stop is a local Mexican restaurant. There he confronts the current mayor Hollis Pogue who proceeds to tell his favourite story. It deals with Hollis' career as a young deputy under the corrupt sheriff Charley Wade and the night Wade was run out of town by another young deputy, Buddy Deeds - Sam's own father. Hollis claims that after a showdown, Wade turned tail and disappeared with ten thousand dollars of county money...

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John Sayles


Mason Daring


Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Peña, Stephen Mendillo


John Sayles

Director of Photography

Stuart Dryburgh


John Sayles


R. Paul Miller, Maggie Renzi

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Spanish, English

Countries of production

United States of America



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