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Issa Serge Coelo

Let There Be Peace (Daresalam)

Edition 2001
105' - 2000 - War, Drama - Dialogue: Arabic, French
Director: Issa Serge Coelo Composer: Khalil Chahine With: Haikal Zakaria, Abdoulaye Ahmat, Gérard Essomba, Sidiki Bakaba
Koni and Djimi are childhood friends in a small African village. One day, the new political regime imposes a tax on the farmers, which is the difference maker between getting by and being dirt poor. The resistance to pay these taxes is met with violence and it erupts into civil war. Following a revolt that leads to most of the villagers being massacred, Koni and Djimi sign up with the guerrillas, persuaded that they will be able to transform their country to help the victims of injustice. Between armed struggle and the fight for new ideas a gulf grows.
To be able to overcome this they will have to accept the fact that people more often die from the remedies than from the disease.

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Issa Serge Coelo


Khalil Chahine


Haikal Zakaria, Abdoulaye Ahmat, Gérard Essomba, Sidiki Bakaba


Issa Serge Coelo, Ismael Ben-Cherrif, Pierre Guillaume

Director of Photography

Jean-Jacques Mrejen


Catherine Schwartz


Pierre Javaux

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Arabic, French

Countries of production

Chad, Burkina Faso, France



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