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Paul Ruven

Let the Music Dance

Edition 1990
93' - 1990 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Paul Ruven Composer: Åke Danielson, J.P. Dentex With: Boudewijn de Groot, Eugénie Schellen, Bonnie Williams
In view of a united Europe, the European Commission in Strasburg has decided to have a European Hymn composed. Adam Adamus gets the task. He tries to create a hymn In which every European nation could recognize itself. His task, however, is hampered by rejections by the various Commissions and he has only 5 days left to make a final version. Moreover, the taxman wants to confis­cate his studio, his fiancée wants him to marry her without delay and his neighbour Donna wants him to organize a concert in which she could star. His managers want him to contract their favourite artist for his hymn...

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Paul Ruven


Åke Danielson, J.P. Dentex


Boudewijn de Groot, Eugénie Schellen, Bonnie Williams


Pim de la Parra, Paul Ruven, Ian Lopez

Director of Photography

Tom Erisman


Sherman De Jesus

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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