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Michel Brault

Les ordres (Orderers)

3de Internationaal Filmgebeuren Gent 109' - 1974 - Historical, Drama - Dialogue: French, English
Director: Michel Brault With: Hélène Loiselle, Jean Lapointe, Guy Provost
October 1970: Under the pretext of waging war against the terrorist group Front de libération du Québec, the Canadian Parliament passes the War Measures Act. The Police and the Army use it and try to break-up popular groups in the Province of Quebec. More than 400 people are arrested for what appears to be their social activities. No charges are ever filed against them. This is their story.

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Michel Brault


Hélène Loiselle, Jean Lapointe, Guy Provost


Michel Brault

Director of Photography

Michel Brault, François Protat


Yves Dion

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French, English

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