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Paolo Taviani

Leonora addio

Edition 2022
90' - 2022 - Drama - Dialogue: German, Italian, English
Director: Paolo Taviani Composer: Nicola Piovani With: Fabrizio Ferracane, Matteo Pittiruti, Dania Marino
The brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani received the Joseph Plateau Honorary Award for their entire oeuvre at Film Fest Gent 2012 and continued to direct with the two of them until Vittorio's death in 2018. Paolo's solo film Leonora addio is a rich tribute to the writer Pirandello and, ultimately, to his brother.
For seven decades, Italian brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani made films together, including Padre Padrone (Palme d'Or 1977) and Caesar Must Die (Golden Bear 2012). Leonora addio is Paolo's first film since Vittorio passed away in 2018 and therefore deals with the death and legacy of an artist. In this diptych connected by Sicilian writer Luigi Pirandello, the first part resolves around the perilous journey to bring his ashes through post-war Italy back to his birthplace. The Tavianis already came up with the story at the time of Kaos (1984), based on a number of Pirandello's short stories. In the hands of 90-year-old Paolo, it has now become a fitting farewell to his brother and a final salute to their literary hero. After the intimate travelogue through Italian (film) history, the shorter second part may surprise you.
“In his first film since the loss of his late brother and lifelong collaborator, Paolo Taviani gives a poignant account of the great dramatist Luigi Pirandello’s ashes being put to rest in postwar Sicily.” - The Hollywood Reporter

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Paolo Taviani


Nicola Piovani


Fabrizio Ferracane, Matteo Pittiruti, Dania Marino


Paolo Taviani

Director of Photography

Paolo Carnera, Simone Zampagni


Roberto Perpignani


Donatella Palermo

Production studios

Stemal Entertainment, Rai Cinema

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German, Italian, English

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Paolo Taviani
Un Uomo Da Bruciare (1962), Outlaws of Love (1963), I sovversivi (1967), Sotto il segno dello scorpione (1969), San Michele aveva un gallo (1972), Allonsanfan (1974), Padre Padrone (1977), Il prato (1979), The Night of the Shooting Stars (1982), Kaos (1984), Good Morning Babylon (1987), Night Sun (1990), Fiorile (1993), Elective Affinities (1996), You Laugh (1998), The Lark Farm (2007), Caesar Must Die (2012), Wondrous Boccaccio (2015), Rainbow: A Private Affair (2017), Leonora addio (2022)

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