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John Boorman

Leo the Last

104' - 1970 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: English
Director: John Boorman With: Marcello Mastroianni, Billie Whitelaw, Calvin Lockhart
The film is about an eccentric expatriate prince living in his London mansion in the middle of a black ghetto, and observing his neighbors from a safe distance with a telescope. The voyeur prince eventually becomes emotionally involved and joins the poor blacks in their struggle against heartless property speculators. Bill Stair, who wrote Leo the Last in collaboration with the director, also advised on the movie's colour values. In this respect, wrote Alexander Walker, "the film was remarkable: the prevailing black and white was fragmented into a dozen in-between tones in a way a British film seldom attempted, much less achieved (Wakeman, World Film Directors)

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John Boorman


Marcello Mastroianni, Billie Whitelaw, Calvin Lockhart


John Boorman, William Stair

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Countries of production

United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

The Prince van Georges Tabori



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