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Werner Herzog

Lektionen in Finsternis (Lessons of darkness)

Director Werner Herzog
Edition 1993
54' - 1992 - War, Documentary - Dialogue: Arabic, German
The great and beleaguered German director here creates what he calls a science-fiction film of a visit to another planet on which life has been wiped out by cataclysmic fires and destruction ... The true reality of the film resides in its overpowering, awe-inspiring shots of the burning oil wells of Kuwait. .. These eruptions of a primal, world-shattering force that fill every single shot 'With orgasmic fires and infernal, poisonous smoke are of a demonic virulence that calls into question our existence on earth and portray the true magnitude of the event... (Amos Vogel, Film Comment)

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Werner Herzog


Werner Herzog

Director of Photography

Paul Berriff, Simon Werry, Reiner Klausman, Steve Brook-Smith, Claudius Kelterborn


Reiner Standke


Paul Berriff

Non original music

Edvard Grieg, Gustav Mahler, Arvo Pärt

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Arabic, German

Countries of production

Germany, France