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Jean van de Velde

Lek (Leak)

Director Jean van de Velde Composer Fons Merkies Cast Cas Jansen, Ricky Koole, Thomas Acda
105' - 2000 - Crime, Action, Thriller - Dialogue: Dutch
‘Leak’ is a drama about the drugs trade and corruption within the Dutch police force. Young cop Eddy (Cas Jansen) is married to Ria. Things are not going well for them, but when the Central Intelligence Department asks Eddy to mediate in a meeting with Jack (Victor Löw), his career prospects seem to improve. Jack, an old friend of Eddy’s, wants to become an informer, swapping information on drugs baron Haveman for a quiet life. One condition: Eddy has to be the only contact with the police. Under pressure, Eddy accepts the role of ‘runner’. But when it emerges that operations based on Jack’s information always go wrong because the criminals have got wind of them, it looks like there’s a ‘leak’ in the police force...

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Jean van de Velde


Fons Merkies


Cas Jansen, Ricky Koole, Thomas Acda


Jean van de Velde, Simon de Waal, Jan van Daalen

Director of Photography

Jules van den Steenhoven


Herman P. Koerts


Rolf Koot, Jean van de Velde

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"Sans rancune" (Jan van Daalen)