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Dominique Cabrera

L'autre côté de la mer (The Other Shore)

Edition 1997
92' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: Arabic, French
Director: Dominique Cabrera Composer: Béatrice Thiriet With: Claude Brasseur, Roschdy Zem, Marthe Villalonga, Agoumi, Catherine Hiegel
Paris, summer 1994. Georges Montero, the owner of an olive oil mill in Oran, is a pied noir (Algerian born Frenchman) who chose to remain in Algeria after its independence in 1962. Today, Georges comes to France for the first time in his life for a cataract operation - at the very moment that civil war is just beginning to take its bloody toil back home. His friend Belka, a recent emigrant, tries to persuade him to remain in France. Behind his back, he has arranged the sale of Georges’ mill in Oran. His surgeon, Tarek, ophthalmologist in a major Paris hospital, is an assimilated Arab who has cut off from his roots. The contact between them brings George to make a decision between staying or going back to Oran.

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Dominique Cabrera


Béatrice Thiriet


Claude Brasseur, Roschdy Zem, Marthe Villalonga, Agoumi, Catherine Hiegel


Dominique Cabrera, Nidam Abdi, Louis Mathieu de Vienne

Director of Photography

Hélène Louvart


Sophie Brunel


Didier Haudepin

Production studios

Bloody Mary Productions

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Arabic, French

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