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Yves Boisset

L'affaire Dreyfus

Edition 1995
200' - 1995 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: French
Director: Yves Boisset Composer: Angélique Nachon, Jean-Claude Nachon With: Thierry Frémont, Gérard Desarthe, Pierre Arditi
Paris, 1894. "The Dreyfus Case" revolves around a framed-up charge of treason against Captain Alfred Dreyfus of the French Army. Treason had been committed adn Dreyfus was charged, largely because he was the only Jew on the staff. After making the charge, the army had to hold up its case or lose face, so they trumped up the evidence against him. What made it a world-famous matter, rather than a forgotten incident in French army life, was that Emile Zola took to the Dreyfus case and fought it in the courts. Despite having as counsel Georges Clemenceau Zola lost, but the story had gotten worldwide attention. After about 15 years Dreyfus was fully vindicated.

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43af175e 039c 4aac 8d96 aeb0a2156d21



Yves Boisset


Angélique Nachon, Jean-Claude Nachon


Thierry Frémont, Gérard Desarthe, Pierre Arditi


Yves Boisset, Jean-Denis Bredin, Jorge Semprún

Director of Photography

Yves Dahan, Jacques Loiseleux


Laurence Leininger


Philippe Cottereau, Pierre Devert

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Countries of production

Germany, France

Screenplay based on

"L'affaire" (Jean-Denis Bredin)



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