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Philippe Falardeau

La moitié gauche du frigo

Edition 2001
90' - 2000 - Comedy - Dialogue: French
Director: Philippe Falardeau With: Paul Ahmarani, Stéphane Demers, Geneviève Néron, Jules Philippe
Thirty-year-old Christophe, an unemployed engineer, shares an apartment with his best friend Stéphane, a young actor with a keen interest in activist theatre. Stéphane, who observes Christophe’s daily efforts to find work, decides to make a film about his friend. The two strike a deal in which Christophe allows Stéphane to document his job-searching activities – but only until he actually finds work. Several months go by, during which Christophe suffers one setback after another and questions everything. In the meantime, Stéphane meets a producer who agrees to provide him with a film crew so he can better document his friend’s unsuccessful efforts. The filming grows more aggressive and obsessive as no part of Christophe’s life is off-limits to the camera: shopping, going to parties and even sleeping are recorded. (press kit)

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Philippe Falardeau


Paul Ahmarani, Stéphane Demers, Geneviève Néron, Jules Philippe


Philippe Falardeau

Director of Photography

Josee Deshaises


Sophie Leblond


Luc Déry, Josee Roberge

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