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Ali Shah Hatami

Koli (Gipsy)

Edition 2003
90' - 2003 - Drama - Dialogue: Persian, English
Director: Ali Shah Hatami Composer: Fardin Khalatbari With: Salman Ghamkbar, Ziba Saberi, Gholanali Pour-Attaie, Akbar Rahimi
The little village of Talkhak, in the Khorasan area, is plagued with draught. The town's elders decides to bring in a master-musician Dotari, who knows a special secret song that is said to bring rain. In the meantime, Rassul, a young boy, is busy hunting larks. When the rain ceremony begins, the villagers gather around the Dotari and he starts playing the song. But at that moment, Rassul comes back with the hunted larks in his hand, thus disordering the ceremony. The Dotari leaves the village without finishing the song... This beautiful film, which presents an inside view of diverse ethnic musical and dance traditions in the context of a symbolic story, is 100% Iranian and explores the native and ethnic qualities of the Iranian identity.

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Ali Shah Hatami


Fardin Khalatbari


Salman Ghamkbar, Ziba Saberi, Gholanali Pour-Attaie, Akbar Rahimi


Ali Shah Hatami

Director of Photography

Mohammad Ahmadi


Behzad Behzadpour


Ali Shah Hatami

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Persian, English

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