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Christian Braad Thomsen

Karen Blixen - storyteller

Edition 1996
90' - 1995 - Documentary - Dialogue: Danish, French, English
Director: Christian Braad Thomsen With: Thorkild Bjørnvig, Karen Blixen, Nils Carlsen
Karen Blixen lived for many years as a coffee farmer in Kenya; she contracted syphilis from her husband, Bror Blixen; she returned to Denmark for treatment and became a prolific writer. This film includes interviews with people who knew Blixen, but the most interesting scenes are those in which the gaunt, handsome woman is on camera talking. She's a born storyteller, able te embellish simple anecdotes to epic status, and is never at a loss for words in Danish, English or French (her last interview, recorded just prior to her death in 1962, was for Belgian television). Her tour of America in 1959 yielded some particularly interesting filmed footage, and is a startling reminder of what TV talkshows were like back then.

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Christian Braad Thomsen


Thorkild Bjørnvig, Karen Blixen, Nils Carlsen


Christian Braad Thomsen

Director of Photography

Henning Kristiansen


Agi Dudas, Vinca Wiedemann


Christian Braad Thomsen

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Danish, French, English

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