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Marcelo Piñeyro


107' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish, Swahili
Director: Marcelo Piñeyro Composer: Bingen Mandizabal With: Ricardo Darín, Cecilia Roth, Héctor Alterio
Ten-year-old Harry lives the ordinary life ordinary life of a boy from a middle-class family. His father is a lawyer and his mother a university professor. His well-ordered life comes to an abrupt end in in the wake of the military coup, since his parents must go into hiding. Without further ado, Harry and his younger brother are taken out of school. Still hoping that the coup wil be put down, the family takes refuge in a house in the edge of town. As dangerous as their life underground is, the children are able to enjoy an intimate relationship with their parents that didn't exist before. However, there's no to escape from the persecution of the new regime, and one day that parents decide to leave their children with their grandparents. Before they part, Harry plays a game of TEG with his father. This tactical game of war stratagems is Harry's favourite; Harry's father shows his son a decisive trick - the secret of Kamchatka - that will give him the strength to cope with his parents' absence until the military regime comes to an end. The story of the 1976 military coup in Argentina is told through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy.

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Marcelo Piñeyro


Bingen Mandizabal


Ricardo Darín, Cecilia Roth, Héctor Alterio


Marcelo Figueras

Director of Photography

Alfredo Mayo


Juan Carlos Macías


Oscar Kramer, Pablo Bossi, Francisco Ramos

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Spanish, Swahili

Countries of production

Argentina, Spain



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