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Pål Sletaune

Junk Mail (Budbringeren)

Edition 1997
79' - 1996 - Comedy, Thriller - Dialogue: Norwegian
Director: Pål Sletaune Composer: Joachim Holbek With: Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Per Egil Aske
Roy is a wreck of a love-starved mailman ruled by curiosity and has a mighty ability to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has no respect for others’ privacy or property, suffers from an acute lack of professional ethics, steals mail, insults his few friends and lives in a dump of a studio apartment where, for the third time in three years, his Polish neighbour is renovating the next-door apartment with a jackhammer. Life goes in small circles for Roy. Nothing exciting ever happens. But one day, something actually does happen on his appointed rounds. A young woman, Line, forgets her keys in the mailbox. After a barely noticeable moment’s hesitation, Roy goes up to the apartment and unlocks the door.

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Pål Sletaune


Joachim Holbek


Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Per Egil Aske


Pål Sletaune, Jonny Halberg

Director of Photography

Kjell Vassdal


Pål Gengenbach


Peter Bøe, Dag Nordahl

Production studios

Movie Makers AS

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