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Louis Feuillade


300' - 1916 - Crime, Adventure - Dialogue: Latin, French
Director: Louis Feuillade Composer: Robert Israel With: René Cresté, Musidora, René Poyen
Judex (Cresté), a mysterious cloaked crusader, battles against evil forces in order to destroy the empire of an arch criminal. After the Minister of Interior had criticized Feuillade's greatest serial, Les vampires, for its immoral heroes, the director created the adventures of handsome righter of wrongs in 12 episodes and achieved his biggest success. More carefully structured, more sanctimonious and less frightening than its predecessors, it was still vastly entertaining and thrilling. It prompted an inferior sequel serial La nouvelle mission de Judex and two features, one directed by Feuillade's son-in-law Maurice Champreux in 1933 and another by George Franju in 1963.

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Louis Feuillade


Robert Israel


René Cresté, Musidora, René Poyen


Louis Feuillade, Arthur Bernède

Director of Photography

André Glatti, Léon Klausse

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Latin, French

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