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Vijay Singh

Jaya ganga

Edition 1996
94' - 1996 - Drama, Romance
Director: Vijay Singh Composer: Vanraj Bhatia With: Asil Raïs, Smriti Mishra, Jean-Claude Carrière
Nishant, a young Indian writer living in Paris, is journeying down the Ganges, from its source in the Himalayas to the sea. He is haunted by the memory of a beautiful Parisian woman called Jaya, whom he met in a cemetery and who claimed to be living two lives, her own and that of Nadja, the 1920s beauty who inspired a book by André Breton. Nishant plans to write a book based on this trip. On the banks of the Ganges he chances to meet Zehra, a delightful dancing girl in the tradition of the great courtesans. Zehra performs in a nearby brothel. Zehra resurrects the memory of Jaya in Nishant's mind. As love casts its spell once again over Nishant, he asks Zehra to join him on his journey.

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Vijay Singh


Vanraj Bhatia


Asil Raïs, Smriti Mishra, Jean-Claude Carrière


Vijay Singh, Ram Gopal Bajaj

Director of Photography

Piyush Shah


Renu Saluja


Mandakini Narain, Vijay Singh

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Countries of production

India, France



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